Sam Biser, Genetic Research Journalist.

My Tale

I’m a Rebel With a Mission: To Save You and Me From Genetic Diseases That Felled Our Families

I HAVE WALKED in your shoes and shivered in your boots. I know what it’s like to have a gene that shows no mercy.

In the quiet of the night, something stole our loved ones—and took them to the Other Side. It was a gene which carried a cargo of deadly-disease. And now it’s in our blood too.

To save you—to even begin to be qualified, I first HAD to be a rebel. Because when you’re not, you believe what you’re told. And you respect authority—too much. In your heart, you bow down, when should be raising your fist and saying, “I’m sorry, but this is a bunch of nonsense.”

I respect only one authority on Earth, my Heavenly Father. To anyone else I humbly say, “You might have all the answers, or you might not.”

And it’s this attitude of defiance that gifted me with the BOLDNESS to look at research others overlooked... to see connections others could not, and to have the nerve (the chutzpah) to think—that I, a research journalist—not a doctor or white-robed scientist, might have insights that others express poorly—or not at all.

Only a rebel can venture out in the cold wind of uncertainty, when I could have stayed inside in the pleasing comfort of thoughts so many safely think—because they are widely APPROVED.

The heck with approval. Is any statement TRUE? Or is it keeping the sick sicker? My mission is to cure you of a genetic plague. Nothing else matters.

To begin with, I inherited more than one big disease. One of them was severe dementia, the kind that requires 24 hour nursing care. I got my dementia genes from my father, Dr. Erwin Biser, Ph.D.—a once-brilliant mathematician. Dad used to correspond with Albert Einstein, the most famous scientist of all time. They first got acquainted in Germany and...

Einstein and my father eventually became scientific refugees from Nazi Germany. They got out just in time.

They eventually met at Professor Einstein’s home in Princeton, N.J. and continued their relationship for many years.

Einstein was fascinated by the topic of ‘time.’ So was my Dad. scientific document from myfather One of my Dad’s many scientific papers (at right), published in the journal ‘Philososphy of Science’ in January 1952, was titled, Postulates for Physical Time. It’s the sort of thing he discussed with Professor Einstein during their visits together. I believe it’s those “smart genes” I got from my father that helped me be so good at health journalism. Thanks Dad.

To a lesser degree than Einstein, my Dad was also a pioneer.

He helped design complex aviation systems for our country’s aircraft carriers. It was a new field of mathematics and electronics called Avionics. Dad was the Chief Avionics Scientist at the U.S. Army’s base at Fort Monmouth, NJ for over 20 years. Like all scientists...

My Dad was proud of his ability to handle blackboards full of complex scientific equations. Well, as you’d expect, my Dad cherished the letters he received from Einstein addressed to “Herr Biser.” And who wouldn’t?

In the end, my Dad lost his formidable mind to the cruel eraser of severe dementia. His brilliance, like that of thousands with this disease, vanished into thin air.

As doctors from the University of Michigan say, “Genetic factors are now recognized to play an important role in most age-related dementias.”

I couldn’t save him, because when my Dad was ill, I didn’t know what to do. Now—with all the new information I’ve learned, there’s so much that could have been done to help him. As for myself, I’m not worried anymore.

And from Dad and his Jewish genetic roots...

I got a big hit from Crohn’s disease (severely ulcerated, inflamed colon). Crohn’s can kill, because your colon can rupture or you can get colon cancer. I was so ill, people didn’t think I would make it. I had this as a teenager—and for years afterward. Happily, through some unheard-of discoveries, I was finally able to beat it and help others.

I also inherited a genetic time-bomb from my mother. At the instruction of her doctor...

She took large quantities of a drug called DES (diethylstilbestrol) during her pregnancy—to prevent miscarriage. That’s a drug later found to cause man-made genetic damage (and genital cancer), in the boys and girls whose Mom’s took it.

It also triggers cancer in THEIR children as well. And sure enough—

Off and on during my life, I’ve sometimes felt a sharp pain in my gut—and I go, “Uh, Oh -- I hope that DES doesn’t end up killing me one day.” Thankfully, from what I’ve learned about stopping genes, all that is now in the past.

Out of all of these genetic woes came something wonderful for readers. It made me devote my life to helping people with similar or worse genetic problems. I get no kickbacks and no cuts—not from healers, not from supplement sellers—not from anyone.

Because of my original information and my freedom from commercial ties, I’ve quietly become a trusted legend in the field. My work has gone all over the world, saving the lives of readers—from North Pole, Alaska to the island of Pago Pago in the South Pacific.

Who I can help -- and who I cannot.

I can only help certain kinds of people. I hope it’s you, but let’s find out.

It all depends on where you’re coming from. Here’s what it comes down to...

I specialize in little-known information about plant chemicals and pioneering natural methods. I am not about drugs and medical therapies for genetic issues. If that’s what you’re interested in, I respectfully say to you: you should not join my list. I believe deeply in genetic discoveries of plant chemicals, information that’s seriously-under-reported (or not reported at all) even in today's over-saturated information world.

Next, I am an independent-thinking journalist -- not a doctor or a recognized institution. I seek out people like myself: people who are also willing to go against common, accepted thinking whenever necessary. I am willing to buck anyone to tell you what I learned in the last 40 years -- and what I feel God has told me. And I need to connect with people who are okay with that.

If you are an independent spirit too, someone who LOVES to learn, hallelujah.

If that’s you, we may end up being like long-lost brothers and sisters, because we think alike.

I can help you, because I am a rebel with a mission: To rescue you and me from genetic diseases that took down our loved ones—and they’re now brewing inside of us. Fortunately...

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It’s time to go to war, against dark genes which want to take us out.

We will shut them down, with weapons previous generations did not have. If you are in great danger, I will arm you and you will win.

What you learn from me, you will not find from anyone else. And that is a holy promise I intend to keep.

Samuel K. Biser
Genetic Research Journalist

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