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“How I Saved Myself from Genetic Disasters”

I’M A REBEL ON A save you and me from genetic diseases that felled our families.

I have walked in your shoes and shivered in your boots. I know what it’s like to have genes that show no mercy.

In the quiet of the night, something stole our loved ones -- and took them to the Other Side. It was a gene which carried a cargo of deadly-disease. And now it’s in our blood too. Fortunately...

I am only alive today because of what I learned myself as an independent journalist. Now I want to help you and your family.

To save you -- to even begin to be qualified, I first HAD to be a rebel. Because when you’re not, you believe what you’re told. And you respect authority — too much. In your heart, you bow down, when should be raising your first and saying, “I’m sorry, but this is a bunch of nonsense.”

I respect only one authority on Earth, my Heavenly Father. To anyone else I humbly say, “You might have all the answers, or you might not.”

And it’s this attitude of defiance that gifted me with the BOLDNESS to look at research others overlooked see connections others could not, and to have the nerve (the chutzpah) to think—that I, a research journalist—not a doctor or white-robed scientist, might have insights that others express poorly—or not at all.

For your sake...I am willing to buck anyone to tell you what I learned through years of searching for the unknown and overlooked — and for what I feel God has whispered to me.

Inside Your Free Report: I will tell you many things you do not know, that can help you. It has already saved people in dire situations, say readers.

You will learn hard-to-locate new discoveries that apply to many life-threatening inherited diseases. I have seen this rare knowledge create changes people like you and me pray for -- after traditional medical methods had only limited results. But why?

...Because world-renowned scientists, as you’ll learn in my free report, have come up with baskets of under-reported, gene-stopping discoveries. Whether you believe it or not, there are now brand-new, non-drug ways of controlling many gene behaviors. Yes, it’s true.

Out of all of my genetic woes came something wonderful for readers. It made me devote my life to helping people with similar or worse genetic problems.

I receive no kickbacks or cuts, not from any supplement seller, not from any healer. Because of my original information and my freedom from commercial ties, I have quietly become a trusted legend in the field. My work has gone all over the world, saving the lives of readers -- from the tiny town of North Pole, Alaska to the village of Pago Pago in the South Pacific.

It’s time to go to war, against dark genes which want to take you out. We will shut them down, with weapons previous generations did not have.

If you are in great danger, I will arm you and you will win.

What I teach you from hard experience, you will not find from anyone else. And that is a holy promise I intend to keep.

Let my bad genes and my struggles become a blessing to you, and to those you cherish.

-- Samuel K Biser,
Genetic Journalist

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